Why is Advani ji feeling bitter?

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LK Advani is bitter that he was denied seat to contest elections.

Advani ji cannot reconcile to that politicians should retire some day

His snub to present BJP leadership on issue of oppositional politics and national security were simply dismissed as irrelevant, coming from bitterness over a personal issue.

Why is Advani ji wrong?
When did Modi ji call opposition anti-national?
Yes, he decried support by sections of opposition to ‘Tukde Tukde’ gang?

How is it wrong?
He criticised Congress leadership for anti-security forces position and opposing strong action against jihadis?

Is it wrong?

Advani ji is bitter with Modi ji on two counts–
1.One,Modi has shown great capabilities to tackle serious problems confronting country-be it economy or national security.

2.Advani feels it is he who should have been PM,not Modi.
Unfortunately,cadre-based ideological parties like BJP never take review of their leaders.
Should not Advani’s disastrous policies be subjected to critical evaluation?


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