What expectations do we have in 2019?  

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“Clever nations are the ones who keep changing their governments! Because power must change hands otherwise it will get spoiled and rot!” – Mehmet Murat ildan, a Turkish author. If we have to take this quotation as inspiration and guidance, then to aid and to maintain the dignity of the BJP, the voters are required to change the ruling dispensation. This will be a great contribution of voters towards BJP and especially by those who are blind followers of this party; because loving parents never want their child to be spoiled and becoming rot. The only favor we can do for BJP and its aspiring leaders is to keep this fraternity out of power, so as to save it from devastation and its leader from decomposition. The schedule for biggest fair of Democracy announced by ECI on 10th March 2019 has occasioned to show our concern for a change of power to save BJP from being spoiled and becoming rot as per essence of the lines of the Turkish author. This will be a great blessings and contribution for BJP from one and all voters, schedule to register their choice of power in 2019.

At the same time, we have to concentrate on expectations in 2019 also. Although expectation is an assumption that something in the future will happen, or that we expect to happen. Unfortunately, an expectation has no basis in reality. So it cannot be verified. Central to most problems in the human condition is the idea that we create expectations for many situations in life; accordingly we have created some expectations (unfulfilled) from 2014 and hope the things can be better in 2019? What for the same we have to bring in a change as to perceive the real intentions of the wicked politicians. The curse of expectations is what we frequently do not know the difference between reality, the truth, and illusion, the untruth. If we don’t visit the performance that we have observed, our expectations will be unrealistic. We remember how Modi as a star campaigner of BJP was thruster in respect of fabricated expectations. Really speaking our real life isn’t pretty enough and everyone desires it to be better, more productive, more lively, more exciting. But a psyche that our life is progressing at a hundred miles an hour speed is just a mental chaos of deceived voters created by very smart Modi government through its biased media. The prime minister likes to speak of legacy issues often. The truth is his legacy is going to be an issue of sizeable concern for himself.

One fails to understand what the parameters applied by all time flying PM on tax payer’s money, while branding himself differently on different occasions on the pattern much described in Hindi as: “Ganga Gaye Ganga Das, Jamuna Gaye Jamuna Das”, asking himself as the “pradhan sewak” of the people, on the other occasion he called himself as “Chowkidar” and recently in Gujarat, to woo the ‘Majdoor’ community as “I am Mazdoor No 1”. It was the same person who as PM of India has stated on foreign soil, downgrading the Indians that “he is ashamed of being born on Indian soil”. Before elections in 2014, it was same Modi who at the time of filling nomination papers in Varanasi has trumpeted ‘Ma Ganga has called me to Varanasi”, earlier during the state elections of UP, he had been saying I am ‘adopted son’ of Uttar Pradesh’.   At least a person who always exploits the emotions of innocent citizenry is not the expectation in 2019.

We have to introspect on the controversies also that resonated throughout during Modi government such as: ‘Demonetization’ that failed on every one of its stated objectives such as combating terror funding, fake notes and black money, ‘the betrayal of farmers’, causing sharp increase in farmers suicide, promising doubling the income of farmers in 2022, a dream year, yet in womb, for the Modi government,   media capture (India ranking 138 of 165 countries in ‘World Press Freedom’ Index 2018), ‘weakening of institutions, the parliament remained as an inconvenience to Modi who preferred to rule by fiat and ordinances, promised Lokpal is so artfully forgotten that an irate Supreme Court has to direct action, unprecedented move of four Supreme Court judges before the media, withdrawal of all criminal cases against himself (UP CM), the CBI in the throes of a battle for credibility and many more. Surely nobody in soft democracy will expect these stigmatized happenings, in 2019.

Undeveloped expectations created in 2014, have generated mistrust, acrimony, disappointment, bitterness, among common man, although this frenzy, has very smartly been tried to be pushed below the carpet, by present ruling fraternity and biased media. The hot balloons of voter’s emotions are likely to burst in 2019 and BJP is likely to feel the hot air. It hints that to change an emotionally charged situation is a distant dream because Modi government have proved its inability to control the dynamics of promises and expectations of 15 lakh, employment promise, price rise, Lokpal, Ganga clean up, peace and harmony in society, basic necessities, , bullet train,  black money, smart cities et cetera created by Modi himself in 2014. Completely for five years, it has been attempted to believe that under Modi government, we have been conditioned to accept our self as sky divers. whereas international data never put in public domain by ruling fraternity such as: the lowering of the standard of political discourse, sharp increase in cultivation of hate, 3% of Indians considering themselves thriving in 2017 compared to 14% in 2014, India ranking 64 in the list of 189 poorest countries in 2016, 100 of the 119 countries in 2016 in Global Hunger Index, 1.77 million homeless people in India in 2017, 30% of India’s youth not in employment, India world’s most dangerous country for women, ranking at 138 of 165 countries in World Press Freedom Index 2018, in  annual Global Democracy Index, India dropping at 42nd position slipping from 27 in 2014 are self speaking myths. A reversal of all these rankings that have stigmatized the India is the expectation in 2019. The most important expectation in 2019 is regarding the formation of criminal free new government, as Modi government was loaded with 24% ministers facing charges of murder, kidnapping, rape and what not.

When we shift our concentration confined to the region of Jammu and Kashmir, it is hard to forget that how Modi have exploited us in 2014, when we were promised to keep both Kashmir centric political parties, Jammu & Kashmir National Conference (JKNC) and the Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party (JKPDP), always unfavorable to Jammu region, away from musical chairs of power. After getting 25 seats from Jammu region ultimately aligned with JKPDP for its power lust and BJP sold away the mandate given by Jammuites for its lust on similar lines as it has exhibited in 2008. The mishandling of Kashmir caused eight month long curfews that destroyed the local economy. Worse still, there was a marked increase (72%) in the number of our soldiers martyred in just the first three years of the BJP’s term. The extremely inept handling of Kashmir deserves a study unto itself. Our expectations in 2019 are that Jammuites will learn a positive lesson and keep away BJP from political map of J&K in assembly elections also.

Concluding we can sum up the idea of government in 2019, as protector requiring taxes as people friendly contribution, the basic economic infrastructure of human connectivity, infrastructure of care to enable citizens to flourish socially and economically, a more expansive concept of government as provider, is the social welfare government, particularly in the vulnerable conditions of youth, old age, sickness, disability and unemployment due to economic forces beyond their control and dignity to the Indian woman by empowering them politically, socially, economically and as an independent decision making authority.



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