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Web scraping from different locations with proxies

Web scraping from different locations with proxies

There are a number of ways to change your IP address, which can be useful for a number of reasons. One technique that is becoming more popular, particularly for web scrapers, is to use a location-based proxy server.

How proxies in custom locations help web scraping

Proxies can be used for a number of purposes, such as anonymity and security. If you are concerned about your online privacy, then using a proxy can help to protect your identity. Similarly, if you are trying to access a website that is blocked in your country, then using a proxy server in another country can help you to bypass these restrictions.

Proxy servers are also very useful for commercial activities, encapsulating everything from information gathering, price monitoring and software automation. Web scraping in particular is an area that is highly dependent on the ability to customize location appearance to ensure the requested data is extractable.

Marketers can monitor prices accurately in another country

If you are a marketer, then you may need to price check products in other countries on a regular basis. This can be a time-consuming task if you have to do it manually. However, by using a proxy server in the country of interest, you can automate this process and simply check the prices on the website.

Prices can change abruptly, which was made evident recently with the Indian Premier League in full swing. Their ticket prices have skyrocketed to the point where a seat at the IPL now costs more than attending the FIFA world cup. Marketers and businesses involved in the industry need to scrape up-to-date ticket pricing for Indian sporting events frequently resort to using an india proxy service.

Tracking local search engine rankings

Another common use case for proxies is to track local search engine rankings. This can be done by using a proxy server in the relevant country and searching for the keywords that you want to track. By doing this, you can see how your website ranks in different countries and adjust your international SEO strategy accordingly.

Verifying advertisement placements and preventing ad fraud

If you are running an online advertising campaign in another country, then you may want to use a proxy server to verify that your ads are being placed correctly. This is particularly important if you are paying for ad space on a website.

Similarly, proxies can be used to prevent ad fraud. This is where someone clicks on your ad but does not actually visit your website. Another form of ad fraud is displaying the banner in another place than was agreed upon. This can be costly, as you are paying for the ad but not receiving any benefit from it. As reported by TheDrum, just one fraudulent bot can cause excessive monetary damage for advertisers.

By using a proxy, you can visit websites where the ads are locally placed and do tests to ensure that the webmaster has implemented everything according to the agreement.

Bypassing website restrictions

There are many reasons why a website may be blocked in your country. However, by using a proxy server in another country, you can bypass these restrictions and access the website.

This is particularly useful if you are trying to access a website that is only available in certain countries. For example, Netflix is only available in certain countries. However, by using a proxy server in one of the allowed countries, you can access Netflix from anywhere in the world regardless of where you are currently positioned.

Final words

Proxy servers can be useful for a number of purposes other than giving anonymity to users. They are also becoming more popular for web scraping professionals as they help to overcome some of the challenges associated with this practice.

There are many different proxy servers available, and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some are free, while others require a subscription. It is important to choose a proxy server that is reliable and fast, as a slow proxy can negatively impact your network capabilities.


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Web scraping from different locations with proxies

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