‘Wadi-e-Lolab’ – The Unexplored side of the Paradise


Known for its fruit orchards, lush rice fields, lake & springs, Lolab Valley is studded with natural beauty and warm, hospitable locals. Minus the throngs of tourists. This part of Kashmir is as virgin as it gets. Locals calls it ‘Wadi-e-Lolab’.

According to peots & authors, Lolab is “land of love and beauty”. It is some 5 km wide and 26 km long and located at a distance of 120 kms from Srinagar in Kupwara district. The valley of Lolab is a combination of three valleys, Potnai valley, Brunai valley and Kalaroos valley. There are beautiful Nagmarg meadows, which separate Lolab from Bandipora district.

The headquarters of Lolab is situated at Sogam which was very densely populated a long time ago, when Kashmir valley was still a lake called “Satisar”. Travelers visiting Lolab also visit the resting place of a famous saint Kashyap reshi, which is located at a distance of 1 km from village Lalpur. A spring called Lavnag can be found nearby. The spring is three feet deep and has crystal clear water. Gauri spring is another major spring in the area. Here are some pictures depicting the pristine beauty of ‘Wadi-e-Lolab’.

Chandigam: Chandigam village is surrounded with lush green Deodar, Pine trees and majestic mountains and having unparalleled scenic beauty.
Lalpora: Lalpora has been established by Raja Lov in 1060.
Kupwara: Kupwara is a small town located at a distance of about 90 kms from Srinagar and is popular for the dense cover forest and rich wildlife.
Krusan: Krusan is a village having breath taking beauty and is famous for the shrine of Syed Bengal Sahib.



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