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Video: Rule of people from UP & Bihar unacceptable; Kashmiri sidelined in admin: Bukhari

Srinagar: Alleging that all the people of Kashmir have been terminated as they have been sidelined in the administration, Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Thursday asked if people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar will rule Jammu and Kashmir.

“You only see 22 people being terminated in Kashmir. But, I think all the people of J&K have been terminated. Where are they in the administration? There were scores of Kashmiri officers in police and civil administration. Where are the Muslim officers today? Who says 22 people have been terminated… I’m saying that 82 lakh people of Kashmir have been terminated. People from UP and Bihar will not govern us. No one from UP can come and education us about governance, we know what is happening in UP,” Bikhari told reporters after addressing party workers here on Thursday.

Mr Bukhari observed that people of J&K are being deprived of a constitutionally guaranteed democratic set-up which is adding to the alienation among masses in the region.

Taking a strong exception to the remarks made by Lt Governor on bi-annual ‘Darbar’ move of shifting capitals from Jammu to Srinagar and vice versa, Mr Bukhari said that Apni Party won’t allow any further divisions of Jammu and Kashmir on regional and emotional basis.

“The annual Darbar move symbolized a cultural exchange and an economic opportunity for the people of two regions and it cannot be ceased arbitrarily. Stopping this centuries old practice means that you are creating an emotional wedge between the people of two divisions,” he remarked.

Highlighting the grim challenges faced by the people across Jammu and Kashmir, Mr Bukhari stressed on the need for restoring a popular government in the erstwhile State as soon as possible. He said the people of J&K feel more alienated in wake of the absence of any elected government and because of the persistent tumultuous situation coupled with a long spell of governor’s rule.

Bukhari added that Apni Party must not be compared with the traditional political parties who exploited the sentiments of people during the last 70 years for their petty electoral gains. “We are not like those who had called for Plebiscite, Autonomy or Self Rule. Later they abandoned these slogans for the sake of power and perks. They are the ones who raise the restoration of Article 370 and 35-A during election time and later become signatories of resolutions that even don’t mention about it,” Bukhari observed.

Taking a strong exception to J&K government’s agreement to relinquish 258 MW Dulhasti Power Project- Stage II to NHPC, Mr Bukhari said that the move would have serious and far reaching politico-economic implications.

He said Dulhasti Power Project Stage-II was a clean and comparatively less complex project with all requisite clearances in hand and was not at all difficult to be taken up exclusively by the Chenab Valley Power Projects Pvt. Ltd (CVPPL) without involving outside partners.

“Such a decision regarding handing over Dulhasti Power Project-II to NHPC will undermine the economic interests and political power of Jammu and Kashmir. It will further disempower the citizens of J&K who have been aspiring for the return of power projects from NHCP,” he added.

He said the J&K government must rectify its’ dereliction of duty in protecting the public assets by immediately taking back the possession of Dulhasti Power Project-II in order to prevent the economic losses besides protecting the local employment in Chenab Valley.