Video | Renzushah emphasises spirituality in education, co-curricular activities

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Khawaja Farooq Renzushah emphasises for spirituality in education and sports activities like Martial Art games.

He was presiding as a chief guest at a self-defence martial art event at Islamia College.

He said that Kashmir has remained abode of knowledge & spiritualism during its all golden era. He mentioned the arrival of Hazarat Bulbulshah RA & Hazrat Amir Kabir RA to Kashmir and adoption of Nizam-e-Sufiyat as way of Governance by the King of Kashmir Hazrat Sultan Sadar ud din Rinchenshah.

He said that Sufi saints ensured to keep Kashmir free from Alcohol, immorality and other evils.

“Martial Art like Dam Allah was originally introduced to control breathing and purify souls.
He complimented Principle Islamia College, Sports officer, and organizers of the event.

Around 500 students participated in the event from various institutions including Motherland high school, R.P  school,Hamzha  Educational School, Legend School, Green Land, Dav School, Bismillah Club, Dragron Warriors Club, Tiger Martial Art Club, JKUAMA Club, Diamond Martial Art Club, Iron Fist Club, Leez Karate Dogo club.

On this occasion, Martial art practices were demonstrated and the best
performers were awarded.


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