Video | Omar invokes ‘apples’


Omar Abdullah while cautioning the people about the Agenda of BJP, said, “Earlier today BJP came up with its manifesto, the issues of temple, unified civil code have again showed up there , but the major stress has been given on the revocation of Art 370 and 35-A. Today they have again racked up the issue of its revocation.”

“I fail to understand why aren’t they able to understand that our state is not like any other state of India. We didn’t merge with the union; we are the only state that kept its own constitution. I challenge them to do away with the constitutional provisions. The people of our state won’t allow you to do it. I declare, no one from Kashmir, or even Jammu and Ladakh don’t want special status to be revoked.”

“Even if they forge friendships with many people here they won’t achieve their anticipated goal. Let go on forging friendship with those who have always bartered our honor, but let me tell you that friendship won’t help you to achieve your nefarious designs. These people whom Modi is clubbing with have been coming forth in different hues and gowns. Today they are holding apples.”

Omar said that if article 35-A is fiddled with, our students won’t be able to secure scholarships; our unemployed youth won’t be able to get jobs.

“The Land to Tiller reforms and the other constitutional safe guards that were secured by Sher-e-kashmir would be infringed upon if these Articles are done away with. However, thinking about removing them is sheer day dreaming, for we won’t allow them to achieve such an end.”

“We have to decide if we want to send those forces to Delhi who sat in the lap of BJP, the ones who want to dismantle mosques, those who want to impose uniform civil code, those who want to destroy our special status, and those who are infringing Sharia Law of Muslims. Are we going to help those? If yes then we have to give our votes to apple. Because the relation of PC with BJP is an open secret,” he said.


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