Video | Hospital medicines worth lakhs recovered in Bandipora

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Following information about the sale of hospital supply medicines in a medical shop at chitteybandy area of Bandipora district, Drug Inspector along with a team of officials, today raided the shop and retrieved a huge quantity of medicines.
The shop is owned by Zahoor Ahmad Malla, Son of Mohd. Ramzan Malla, Resident of Chitteybandy.
The medicines recovered by the team included Glanstill Injection of SKIMS Supply, NS Gulcose- JKMSCL Supply, Triglon Injection-SKIMS Supply, Ceftriaxone Injection-JKMSCL Supply, Infusion set-SKIMS Supply, Cetrizine Tablets-JKMSCL Supply, Compound sodium lactat Injection-JKMSCL supply, Rolled Bandage-Hospital Supply, Dextrose-JKMSCL supply, Axapara Injection- SKIMS, Medroxy progesto injection, which are supplied free to hospitals under Antara Programme of Govt of India.
The retrieved medicine, which according to the officials is worth lakhs of rupees, is the hospital supply and was meant to be distributed among poor patients.
“We retrieved huge quantity of medicines at chitteybandy area,” said Bilal Ahmad Rather, Drug inspector Bandipora.
“Among the retrieved medicine include huge quantity of antibiotics, Contraceptive injections and other medicines meant for free supply”.
The team onspot sealed the medical shop, he added that an inquiry has been initiated to ascertain why this medicine, which was meant for the needy patients in the hospital.
Most of the poor patients who cannot buy medicine from the market have often complained that the hospital authorities are not providing medicine to them.


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