Video | Highway ban unnatural, will affect students, tourists, businesses: Kadfeen


Reacting to the government of India’s order of banning traffic for two days every week on Srinagar- Jammu national highway, Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary said that the government prior to imposing such an order should have assessed the ground situation thoroughly.

Kadfeen said in a statement that while safeguarding the lives of security forces is of utmost importance, it is equal crucial to ensure that common citizens aren’t made to suffer for no fault. “The national highway is the only link connecting the landlocked Kashmir valley to the outer world. There are students who need to appear in various exams held across the country, there are patients in need of specialised treatment and so are the tourists who would want to explore the picturesque valley at the current spring time. The government every Sunday and Wednesday is thus turning Kashmir into a virtual prison where neither anyone can enter not anyone can leave,” said Kadfeen.

He added that there should have been an alternate way out to such crises and government should seriously consider opening other routes that connect Valley with rest of the country. “This is bizarre that there is a snail’s pace work going on at Mughal road and turning it into all weather highway is a distant dream. There should serious consideration given to the proposal of opening alternate routes for Kashmir so that people aren’t plunged into an unending sufferance,” said Kadfeen.


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