Video | Azad lashes out at Modi-led govt for deceiving people


In an election rally in south Kashmir’s Anantnag Lok Sabha constituency, Azad alleged that the BJP has not been able to fulfil any of the promises made in the 2014 election campaign and that the party after coming to power, has destroyed the constitutional fabric.

“Never in the history have four senior judges of Supreme Court come out and said that democracy was in danger in the country,” he said.

Azad said the Centre over the past five years has filled up independent constitutional institutions and academic institutions like universities with people from the RSS.

He also said that PM Narendra Modi’s lies and deceit will not save the sinking ship of BJP, as the people have realized the exploitation and political opportunism on the part of outgoing PM.

Azad blamed the “wrong policies” of the BJP-led government for the “deteriorating situation” in J&K.

“With its anti-people and wrong policies, the BJP undid all the good work our party had done in the state,” he said.


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