Video | 3 yrs on, Tarzoo Bridge still pending

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The work on Tarzoo bridge had started in the year 2017, but is yet to be completed. The delayed construction has caused locals to suffer.

The construction team and authorities face problem due to a nallah passing by, which damages the bridge. Recently, it even caused a landslide.

The construction material is lying all over the place and blocking the way. The people are forced to alternative routes to travel to their destinations. Moreover, it causes health issues for people.

The contractor belongs to the same locality and is said to be in distress over the delayed construction of the bridge. “He was in the hospital a few days ago and people should be patient with the bridge work. He’s trying his best,” Quyoom Badshah, a local said.

He adds, “If the project was not feasible, it shouldn’t have been started. The Administration should find some way to connect the villages.”


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