Vaid’s warmth, Khan’s steel, combination to look at in Kashmir


After a massive chaos April 2017 which even led to cancellation of Lok Sabha polls in South Kashmir and an embarrassingly low turnout in the Central Kashmir, the Police got themselves into a new gear -snuff out or get back.

Curiously named as ‘Operation All Out’ the strategy has generally been misconstrued as a killing campaign as its key element of winning over the winnable militants perhaps didn’t become part of the public discussion. A model of unique cooperation between Army and CRPF under a conscientious leadership of Jammu and Kashmir Police, the ‘Operation All Out’ meant doing everything possible to get the local youths resign militancy and come back to normal life. However, those sworn to violence had to be dealt with.

With Army on their back, the unique combination of warmth of Police SP Vaid and the steel of his deputy in Kashmir, Munir Khan, was key to impressive operational success in 2017. Vaid is emotionally suave and political in his content. The Kashmiris appear listening to him. The same Policemen who chased the avowed and alleged stone pelters for months were got to sit with them in warm conference halls of South Kashmir to build trust after the amnesty announced by Chief Minister.

There are few interesting things going on in Kashmir: the Chief Minister, her government and party are making ‘populist’ efforts to cover a long gap after setbacks of 2016 crisis, Interlocutor Dineshwar Sharma is bridging the communication gap between New Delhi and Srinagar, Army is in cooperative mode rather than competitive, the NIA exposes have triggered some discussions in the society and as icing on the cake, the Police are keeping on innovating maintain a fragile balance between winning over and snuffing out.

After announcing amnesty to 4300 first time stone pelters, the Police are reviewing cases of nearly 5,500 youth against whom cases of stone pelting have been registered during 2016 and 2017.

Disclosing this, Director General of Police, Dr S P Vaid said in Srinagar today that stone pelting cases registered in 2016 and 2017 against at least 5,500 youths are under review.

Addressing media persons, he asserted that the trend of local youths joining militancy was on decline.

“It is a downward trend”, he said without giving any figures.

However, the police chief said at least 75 youths were prevented from joining militant ranks while seven youths had abandon the path of violence and joined back their families. He did not disclose their identity.

Newly-decorated Additional Director General of police, Munir Ahmad Khan, said that at least 24 civilians were killed during encounters in 2017.

Disclosing the annual arrests and possessions recovered by jammu and kashmir police are 18 people involved in criminal activities.

Police has also registered 888 cases, in which 1213 people have been arrested.

The recoveries are charas 174 kg, poppy straw 8, 259 kg, brown sugar 140 kg, ganja 201kg , capsules/tablets 247241, opium derivatives, 8149 kg, codeine phosphat bottels and 1285 injections.

The FIR’s against regarding women cases are 3168 in 2017, and 2739 in 2016. in which 3215 cases were registered in 2017 and new four women polie station have been sanctioned in Pulwama, Kupwara, Kupwara and Doda.

In this year thee are 130011 passport verifications, 20768 service verifications, LOC permit 2168 and LOC 369 trade verification.

The DGp added that police have helped 75 families to bring back their boys from the clutches of militancy.`



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