Trust “The GM Diet Plan” to Lose Fat in Just 7 Days


You know there is a super effective way of losing 10 to 17 pounds of weight in just a week. It is called “The General Motors Diet” and we did tell you that there are two types of this diet plan that has been around since 1985. One is the Vegetarian GM Diet Plan and the other is Original GM Diet Plan. Here is all what you need to know about The GM Diet Plan.”

To start with, here is a chart of original GM diet plan of 7 days. It will help you in better understanding what you have to include and what to avoid in this diet plan.

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DAY 1- The Fruit Day

You can eat any fruit except bananas. There is no limit on quantity.

You should eat a lot of melons on the first day. In fact, if you eat melons in large amount it will get your weight loss off to a great start.

DAY 2- Veggie Day

Today you eat only vegetables. You can eat them either cooked or raw and there is a restriction on the types or amount you can eat.

You can have a baked potato for breakfast on this day, with a pat of butter. This will provide the body with the complex carbohydrates and fiber that will provide energy for the rest of the day.

DAY 3 – Fruit+Vegetables

Except for bananas and potatoes, you can eat a mixture of fruit and vegetables on this day in whatever amount you choose.

Potatoes are not needed, as carbohydrates will come from the fruit. This day your body start burning excess pounds.

DAY 4- Banana Day

You can eat eight bananas and drink three glasses of milk on this day.

You can have soup. You will find recipe of soup at the end of the page.

The bananas are beneficial because they will aid to replace the potassium and sodium that the body have lost in the previous three days.

DAY 5- Protein Day

This day you will eat beef and tomatoes – six tomatoes and two 10 oz. portions of mutton. You should eat all tomatoes but not necessary to eat all the mutton.

The mutton will provide your body iron and protein. And tomatoes will provide fiber that helps in digestion.

DAY 6 – Only Mutton Day

This day you will eat mutton but no tomatoes. Replace tomatoes with other vegetables of your own choice.

On this day, your body is completely inclined towards weight loss. Also, you will see a noticeable difference in your look. You will feel lighter compared to when you started the diet.

Note- If you are pure vegetarian then you can consume 250 gm cheese + 150 ml curd+ 20gm soya chunks in place of mutton. If you love eggs, replace cheese with egg white.

DAY 7 – Only Veggies Day    

On the last day of the plan, you will eat brown rice, fruit juice and can have unlimited vegetables.

The meal plan for the last seven days, have completely cleansed and flushed out extra fat. And you will  find that you have lost 10 to 17 lbs.

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How and Why It Works

Day One you are preparing your system for the upcoming programme. Your only source of nutrition is fresh. Fruits are nature’s perfect food. They provide everything you could possibly want to sustain life except total balance and variety.

Day Two starts with a fix of complex carbo-hydrates coupled with an oil dose. This is taken in the morning for energy and balance. The rest of day two consists of vegetables which are virtually calorie free and provide essential nutrients and fibre.

Day Three eliminates the potato because you get your carbohydrates from the fruits. You system is now prepared to start burning excess pounds. You will still have cravings which should start to diminish by day four.

Day Four, bananas, milk and soup sound the strangest and least desirable. You’re in for a surprise. You probably will not eat all the bananas allowed. But they are there for the potassium you have lost and the sodium you may have missed the past three days. You will notice a definite loss of desire for sweets. You will be surprised how easy this day will go.

Day Five, mutton and tomatoes. The mutton is for iron and proteins, the tomatoes are for digestion and fibre. Lots and lots of water purifies your system. You should notice colourless urine today. Your allowance calls for the equivalent of five “quarter ponders”. Do not feel you have to eat all this mutton. You must eat the six tomatoes.

Day Six is similar to day five, Iron and proteins from mutton, Vitamins and fibre from vegetables. By now your system is in a total weight loss inclination. There should be a noticeable difference in the way you look today, compared to day one.

Day Seven finished off the program like a good cigar used to finish off Victorian meals, except much healthier. You have your system under control and it should thank you for the flushing and cleaning you just gave it.


During the first seven days you must abstain from all alcohol.

You must drink 10 glasses of water each day.

Vegetables as may be taken in the form of a salad if desired. No dressing except white vinegar, squeezed lemon, garlic, herbs. No more than one tea spoon of oil.

You can have the WONDER SOUP (recipe below) which can be eaten in unlimited quantities. This soup is a supplement while you are on the program and it should be a pleasure to eat. This recipe is not inflexible. You may substitute vegetables according to your taste. You may add any vegetables you like: peas, corn, turnips, green beans, cauliflower, etc. Try to stay away from beans however, because they tend to be high in calories even though they are very good for you.

Beverages you may consume while on the program: Water (flavoured with lemon/lime if desired), Club Soda is OK, Black Coffee. No cream or cream substitute. No sugar or sweetness, Black Tea (Herb or Leaf),

Absolutely nothing else except the fruit juices which are part of day seven. No fruit juices before day seven.

G.M.’S Wonder Soup Recipe

The following soup is intended as a supplement to your diet. It can be eaten any time of the day in virtually unlimited quantities. You are encouraged to consume large quantities of this soup.

In a large stockpot, add:

  • 6 large onions – chopped
  • 3 ½ cups of water
  • 2 red peppers – chopped
  • 4 whole tomatoes
  • 1 head of cabbage – roughly chopped

Herbs of your choice

Bring all ingredients to boil; simmer over low heat for 30-45 minutes until veggies are soft but not mushy.​

What’s Great about This Diet

The cleansing systematic effects of the General Motors diet make it possible to lose a tremendous amount of weight quickly. The best part of the GM Diet plan is that it helps get you into the habit of eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. It will cleanse your system of impurities and give you a sense of well-being — so you’ll feel as good as you look. You actually feel lighter (both physically and emotionally) after just one week. All the foods that are suggested are low in sugar and high in fiber. The increased fiber intake helps digestion. Because of the improved digestion, it helps mobilize fat stores while absorbing nutrition.

If it feels like information overload, let’s take you to the next section. This section shows you exactly how to make a delicious GM diet soup.

Common GM Diet Questions, FAQ’s & Tips

1) How you have tea or coffee?

Herbal teas are fine. The only sweetener allowed is stevia. I will never recommend coffee, however if you do have it you can only have stevia in it.

2) What days can you eat the Wonder Soup?

You can eat the Wonder Soup on any of the 7 days when you are hungry. Never go hungry on this diet. Folks tend to have better results when they eat the soup.

3) Can you drink alcohol?

No alcohol during this plan! There are no redeeming health values to alcohol.

4) Can you eat at places like Subway or eat processed meats/foods?

No, never actually. Subway foods like most processed foods are full of toxic chemicals like dough conditioners in the bread, sulfites, msg, nitrates and phosphates in the meats, not to mention sugar and too much processed salt in the dressings. Run away from foods like this. The point of the GM Diet is to cut all processed foods.

5) How many bananas can you eat on day 4?

If you have read that 8 bananas are allowed, you are not following our plan but another plan. We do not help with other plans. This is the original GM Diet here. The answer is 4 regular size bananas, or of the 6 tiny bananas.

6) On day 4, can I have buttermilk or yogurt instead of milk?

Yes, yogurt or buttermilk is a fine replacement as long as there is no sugar in the yogurt.

7) Can you have chapati, wheat, cereal, bread, etc?

No, this is a gluten free diet. Wheat is so bad for you. It has been genetically modified and over processed. It causes weight gain and other health issues. If you eat lots of wheat, you will likely not maintain your weight loss after the diet.

8) Canyou  have honey – lemon water in the morning?

No, you cannot have honey in your water. There is nothing healthy about this at all; you are essentially just drinking sugar water. You can have as much lemon in your water as you like though.

10) Can you have salt, pepper, or spices?

Yes, you can have a normal amount of salt. Never over do it. However since you are drinking extra water on this plan, salt is very important. Even adding a dash in your water can be important if you are using the unprocessed form of salt. Sea salt or unprocessed salt is always the best option for salt. Pepper, herbs and spices are allowed. Try and enjoy your food.

11) Will you gain the weight back after the GM Diet?

Most diets are going to fail if you plan on returning back to an unhealthy lifestyle after the diet. Yes, you will likely gain your weight back if you go back to a poor eating plan. If you want to keep your weight off you must make a serious lifestyle change. Many people have underlying health issues such as thyroid problems, cortisol issues and so on. These health issues can hamper weight loss and cause weight gain. In order to try and maintain a healthy weight and lose more weight you must eat healthy!

12) Can you have dried fruits or nuts?

No, you cannot have dried fruits or nuts on this plan. Afterwards you can enjoy them in small quantities but you do have to limit these as they are very concentrated sources of food.

13) What do you eat after the GM diet?

This is a loaded question really. Here is what we have found by study and experience. Whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan, each meal must be balanced.

Eat 3 meals a day. Do not eat them all at once, spread them out. Each meal should have a protein, a good carb and plenty of vegetables. You can also have 2 to 3 servings of fruit a day. We never recommend wheat or bread. We prefer gluten free and even grain free. Whole foods are always best. Cut out processed foods completely if at all possible.

Good carbs/starches are white potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, squashes, white rice, taro root, plantains and celery root.

Also do not go fat free. You need good fat like animal fats found in good grass fed meats, ghee, olive oil and especially coconut oil.

14) Can you do the GM Diet continuously?

No, this is meant to be a weight loss kick starter. The GM Diet should not be a lifestyle. You can however do the diet again but you must wait at least two weeks, but preferably one month. In between that time eat healthy. Do not go back to your original way of dieting or eating.


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