This little girl can identify things blindfolded

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A blindfolded, 7-year-old girl, Khushi Nirankari can identify things around her. However, this is not a superpower she has been gifted with, but acquired after training.

Khushi, is the daughter of Kuldeep Kumar Bhardwaj, originally from a remote village Goshti in Chirala Tehsil of Doda. She is a student of Class 2nd, and wants to become a doctor. She is trying to use her brain-powers in her studies.

She is like any other child of her age, naughty and innocent, but with her ‘midbrain activated’, she claims that she is able to function with normalcy, even with her eyes closed and covered.

On asking about the ‘mid-brain activation’, her father says that it is a well thought out programme, and has been in practice for some time in various countries. He reveals that he was apprehensive about the unusual training for a small kid, but decided to give it a try.

“Khushi’s training started in Chandigarh about 8-9 months ago and she’s doing well,” says her trainer.

Her trainer asserted that the neuroscience technique of activating mid-brain, helps the child in other ways as well, and this can include better memory power, and concentrating power. However, this is for the children of the age group 5-14 years. The technique involves games, puzzles, brain exercises, meditation, which help in putting the brain to work.

“There are levels of the so-called power to sense things without actually seeing them, such as identifying the colour of the closest thing to reading text written metres away. Khushi is at the initial stages.”


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