The Floating City!


The United Nations has unveiled a new design for a World’s first-ever ‘Floating City‘. What once seemed like the moonshot vision of tech billionaires and idealistic architects could soon become a concrete solution to several of the world’s most pressing challenges.

At a recent UN roundtable, a group of builders, engineers, and architects debuted a concept for an affordable floating city.

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Some of the unique features of this Oceanix City are-

1. The city would essentially be a collection of Hexagonal platforms that can each hold around 300 residents.

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2. The designers consider a group of 6 platforms to be a ‘village‘. The entire city would contain 6 villages, for a total of around 10000 residents.

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3. The villages wouldn’t allow any high-emitting Cars or Trucks.

4. The concept calls for ‘Oxean Farming‘ which would involve growing food beneath the surface of the water.

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5. Though it’s referred to as a ‘floating city’, the community would actually be moored to the #OceanFloor.

6. The city could also contain an #AcquiferSystem that pulls clean water out of the air.

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7. Pulling off a Floating City Concept is difficult, but within reach. It’s somewhat akin to landing on the Moon.

8. The company also believes that a Floating City Project would address both dire housing shortages and threats from rising sea levels.

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9. The structures themselves would be designed to withstand all sorts of natural disasters, including FloodsTsunamis, and Category 5 Hurricanes.

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