The dying Manasbal Lake !!!

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Today a large number of members of Civil Society , students and environmentalists drawn from various parts of the Valley held a daylong interactive session at Manasbal to discuss the deteriorating condition of Lake and poor solid waste management in its vicinity.

The event hosted by “Social Concern Group”-a non-profit organisation- conducted on the spot inspection and study of the lake , the loss in the one time recorded depth of 12 metres to an abysmal level insufficient for a shikara to float, the uncontrolled growth of weeds,the Lake turning into large swaths of land and polythene dump due to silt deposits flowing through Lar & other Kuhl’s.

Moreover,The growth of wild plants inside the lake , the eutrophication and the obnoxious smell spells an impending disaster waiting to get once the queen of Lakes of Kashmir. The beautiful location of this Lake charmed Princess Nur Jehan so much that she developed Bagh-i-Jharoka to have its uninterrupted view.

And today due to its neglect and poor management it presents a picture of yet another one of our “dying Lakes”.

Will the Manasbal Development Authority it the powers that be care to answer the reason for the condition of this Lake despite huge amount of money running into tens of Crores spent on it , and also the responsibility of a large establishment being paid out of scarce public exchequer.
For the Concerned members of Civil Soceity and nature lovers I am sharing 2 pics shot today and another a File Pic of yesteryears.


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