The common man strikes!

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For over half a year, there was a 500m long stretch of mud and filth in West Delhi, until Tarun Bhalla who worked right across this puddle did something unique to get the attention of the authorities after months of trying in vain to get the issue solved.

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He put up political posters with leading politicians from BJP, Congress and AAP with the slogan “tum mujhe vote do, hum tumhe kichad, dengue aur malaria denge”.

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He then also created a poster and sent out invitations for the inauguration and opening ceremony of the ‘open air sewer lake’, and distributed laddoos at the event too. Who cut the ribbon? His 11 year old daughter.

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And that is when the authorities finally took responsibility. They reached the area within a few hours and cleaned the road. The stretch of road now is back to looking and functioning like, well, a road.

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Source: Newslaundry, Mad Over Marketing (M.O.M)


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