Thailand: Rescue operation to resume for remaining nine trapped in cave


The operation to rescue remaining 8 boys and their coach trapped in a cave in northern Thailand will resume today after a pause of 10 hours.

Four boys were rescued from the flooded cave yesterday after remaining trapped for two weeks.

Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn corrected earlier reports that said six boys had been freed.

Divers guided the boys through darkness and submerged passageways towards the mouth of the Tham Luang cave system. Rescuers say, the boys who have been brought above ground are in good health so far. They are then taken to hospital in Chiang Rai.

Taking advantage of a break in the rain, Rescuers decided to go ahead with the hazardous operation much earlier than originally expected because of fears of rising waters. The first phase has been conducted much faster than officials had predicted.

A team of 90 expert divers – 40 from Thailand and 50 from overseas – has been working in the cave system. Getting to and from where the boys are has been an exhausting round trip, even for the experienced divers. The process includes a mixture of walking, wading, climbing and diving along guide ropes already in place.

The toughest section is about halfway out at a section named “T-Junction”, which is so tight the divers have to take off their air tanks to get through. A former Thai navy diver Saman Gunan died during the operation on Friday after running out of oxygen.


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