Ten Nail Myths… busted!!! by Gurpreet Seble


1. MYTH: Including gelatin in your diet will strengthen weak nails!!!
We all know that gelatin is a protein and nails are also made of keratin(protein), there’s no scientific research to prove that gelatin can strengthen the nails.
Best tip – add good nutrients in your daily diet including proteins.
Don’t wait for the miracle, give your nails a makeover, find a professional nail tech who can give the million dollar look.

2. MYTH: Remove the enhancements occasionally to give your nails a break.
If you’re addicted to Nails as I am, it’s unthinkable to remove all enhancements, there’s no break required.
Why? If you’re nail tech is trained at an international nail institute, and they’re using good quality products, you have nothing to worry.
Did you know that Removing the enhancements requires more technique than applying them. If the service is excellent, your nails will look and feel great. Remember, educated tech, best quality products, timely infills/refills is the best kept secret in the industry.

3.MYTH: Avoid nail products that have chemicals in them.
Almost everything around us has chemicals. Most nail consumables are petroleum by products, so there’s no nail product that is chemical-free. There is no organic nail product that will stay on your nails for three weeks.
How do I protect myself?
Go to a nail bar that has a culture of disinfection, is reputed for using high- quality products AND most importantly, the nail technicians MUST be trained by an International Educator to learn correct product application.

4. MYTH: Enhancements ruin natural nails.
Ladies it’s 2022, we are in the era of nail art. The technology is super advanced, the products are user friendly, all you need is a well educated, professional nail technician to do a good nail service. Enhancements that are well applied, do not damage the natural nails. Here’s the eye opener…. If you experience pain, discomfort, damaged nails or cuticles, the problem is sitting in the chair across … the nail technician. Techs can make errors, may not be well educated, may lack experience, may use cheap chemicals…. All this can be avoided by selecting a reputed nail spa and selecting a professional nail technician.

5. MYTH: Will the nail polish last longer in the fridge?
Those days are behind us when temporary polish, nail lacquers were the only option to paint the nails. Today we have Gel Polish that has taken over the crowned position. However, if you do use temporary polish, you must close the bottle tightly after each use to avoid evaporation. If you do put it in the fridge, you must bring it to room temperature before application to ensure a smooth finish. Life of the polish doesn’t increase in the fridge.

6. MYTH: That green stuff on some people’s nails is mold or fungus?
Neither mold nor fungus appear over night.…there’s research necessary to analyse the green spot. The possibility of infection can only be proven with a culture test.

7. MYTH: Plunging wet nails into ice water will make the nail polish dry faster.
The days of Temporary polish are long gone, however there are some users out there, so let’s get the facts straight… for nail polish to dry it requires the evaporation of solvents. Your tech will put you in front of a fan to speed up the evaporation.
Do you hate to wait for polish to dry? I feel your pain! Graduate to Gel Polish.
Shellac, Caliente… take your pick. Unlimited Colors, apply n go, no chip, no fade…. Need I say more!!!

8. MYTH: Do you file back-and-forth on a natural nail?
For best results use the right abrasives. Back n forth won’t harm if the grit and pressure is correct. Education, education, education!
It’s all about the nail tech who does the service. Trust your nails to a well educated nail technician, a professional nail spa that uses best products and international technology.

9. MYTH: Is cutting cuticles good for nail health?
Sadly, most technicians do not know the difference between ‘cuticle’ and ‘eponychium’. Cuticle is dead skin on the nail plate and eponychium is living skin.
Removing the cuticle is ok but cutting the eponychium can lead to infections. It’s illegal in some states (in USA). Remember less is more when it comes to cutting the cuticles.

10. MYTH: Is it a good idea to bring my own implements to a salon to keep myself from contracting an infection?
These days of Covid have taught us many valuable lessons. LESSON #1- Choose a salon that has a history of disinfection. We disinfect every implement/tool after EACH service. It MUST be a hospital grade disinfection only. This is mandatory.
Ask at your local nail bar, how do they disinfect? Look at their protocol and disinfectants to ensure they comply with “international” health and safety regimes. Rather than carry your tools, ensure the disinfection process is being followed by your nail tech and the nail bar. This is your responsibility. Ask the tech questions about her sanitation practices and if she’s compliant with all disinfection requirements. If you feel uncomfortable about the salon’s cleanliness, then leave without getting a service. Your health and safety is most important.


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