Taxing rich to finance education


Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik Saturday expressed displeasure over the quality of education in the country and said “it is because successive central governments had failed to provide adequate budget to the sector”. He also criticised the affluent class for not doing enough charity and said “if I get the power, I will impose cess on these people to improve education system”. “I feel pain when the society respects people who have turned powerful by tax evasion, looting money from banks and are dishonest. “The affluent class are not doing charity. Our ‘Seth’ (rich) can spend Rs 1,000 crore on the engagement and marriage of his daughter but cannot give Rs 500 crore to any university. If I get the power in my hand, I will force a cess on such people so that we can improve the standard of our education,” Malik said, addressing the second convocation of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Jammu. He said the country is lacking in the quality education even after 70 years of Independence. “The quality education, as it should be in the country, was not here. I have been in Parliament for three-four terms and noticed that when budget is passed, every other sector gets time for discussion while there is no discussion on education budget which is passed without any discussion,” the governor said.

The governor observed that quality education is the most powerful tool for a nation to empower its citizens, especially women, and urged greater attention towards providing quality education to students.

He said the younger generation has a vital role to play in nation building and only quality education can contribute to rapid growth and development of the country and enable them to achieve what they want to.

“The education system in the country has become a guillotine. I am not afraid in admitting that no government has given more than six per cent to education sector and spending such a meagre amount, you think our people will get a Nobel Prize,” he said.


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