Syria: At least 220 people killed in suicide bombings and raids in Sweida province


In Syria, at least 220 people, including 127 civilians, have been killedin raids and suicide bombings in Sweida province.

Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the attackscarried out by the Islamic State terror group hit several areas of the largelygovernment-held southern province.

Three suicide attackers set off booby-trapped belts in Sweida city, asother blasts hit villages to the north and east. A fourth suicide explosionagain hit the city later.

The Observatory said, it was the deadliest attack in Sweida provincesince the start of the war in 2011 and one of the deadliest ever in thecountry.

United Nation’s Humanitarian Co-ordinator in Syria, Ali al-Zaataricondemned the bombings, saying all civilians should be protected.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said the attacks confirm the need forenergetic and coordinated efforts by the international community to eradicateIS from the Syrian territory.

More than 3 lakh 50,000 people have been killedand millions displaced since Syria’s war started in 2011.


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