SVIET student designs eco-friendly electric car

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Mohd Javed, a student of Swami Vivekanand Institute of Engineering & Technology (SVIET) has developed a novel eco-friendly car – SVIET Volta. The car which is said to have both – electrical as well as solar charging, can touch a speed of more than 65kmph.

Mohd Javed, who is pursuing graduation in Electrical Engineering (5th Semester), has designed and assembled the car. Prior to this, Javed has already won many awards for various projects such as robots, electrical gadgets, etc. A small family car, SVIET Volta will cost approximately Rs 1.5 lakhs, a cost around Tata Nano.

The car with a speed of more than 65 km per hours, is now going to be fabricated, manufactured and tested as a four-wheeler pollution-free car. More such cars will be evaluated on quality of design and performance.

Deputy Commissioner of Fisheries, Jammu, and Assistant Commissioner of Revenue, Jammu, in a recently held press conference said that a well-known automobile company and a bank have come forward to support the project.


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