Study reveals 58% Indian wants more military force in Kashmir

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Srinagar: A majority of (55%) of India people believe situation in Kashmir as a very big problem Pew Research Center said in its latest India survey released Monday.

According to the survey of Pew Research center, 58% person believes the Indian government should use more military force than they are currently using.

Survey report said that majority of (55%) Indians see Kashmir as a biggest problem. When asked how this issue has changed over the past five years, more than half (53%) say circumstances in Kashmir have gotten worse. Only 18% think things have gotten better, and just 6% believe conditions are the same”.

“Equal, though small, shares think the military should use either less or about the same amount of force (both 7%)”, the report said.

The Pew Research Center also spoke to the people about jobs and employment opportunities in India. The survey found an overwhelming number of people who are “extremely worried” over the lack of employment opportunities in the country.

In the aftermath of the violence in Pulwama, Indian social media platforms saw such an uptick in fictitious or purposely misleading stories related to the attack that the head of Facebook India’s Integrity Initiatives tweeted that he had “never seen anything like this before.”


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