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Story of post 1949 Jammu and Kashmir through Karan Singh’s letters to Nehru, Indira

Books & Backstories by Zafar Choudhary, Episode 3

Dr Karan Singh took over a Regent following ‘forcible’ absence of Maharaja Hari Singh from Jammu and Kashmir in 1949. He was subsequently elected as first and last Sadr-e-Reyasat (meaning president of the state) in 1952, a position which he held till 1965. He became the first Governor of Jammu and Kashmir in 1965 when the position of Sadr-e-Reyasat was rechristened as such. Zafar Choudhary reads two volumes of books containing exchange of letters between Karan Singh and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru (1949 and 1964) and Indira Gandhi (1964-84) to connect some missing dots in the political situation in Jammu and Kashmir in 1950s and 1960s.

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Zafar Choudhary

A journalist since 1999, Zafar Choudhary is also a policy analyst and author. An alumni of the London School of Economics, his book ‘Kashmir Conflict and Muslims of Jammu’ addresses a critical gap in scholarship on Kashmir. Zafar is founder and editor of The Dispatch

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