Spend a day in Kokernag and go mesmerised !


One of the most popular weekend getaways from the state capital Srinagar, Kokernag is a sub-district town and a notified area committee in Breng Valley also known as “The Golden Crown of Kashmir” in Anantnag.

This place is known for its gardens, pristine fresh water springs and rainbow trout farms. It is 25.3 km from Anantnag via NH244.

The place is known for its trout streams and the largest fresh water spring in Kashmir, Trout hatchery department which has constructed pools in series where in trout is reared.

Also, thestate’s first rural mart has been set up in Kokernag, to promote and market the handicraft products manufactured by the local women self help groups, by NABARD.

Kokernag has been mentioned in Ain Akbari, where in it has been mentioned that the water of Kokernag satisfies both hunger and thirst and its is also a remedy for indigestion.

Here is a list of place in Kokernag, you can visit:

DAKSUM: Daksum is situated amidst the magnificent grandeur of the Kokarnag springs, it presents an awe-inspiring sight. Standing at an altitude of 2438 m in a densely forested gorge, Daksum offers peace and tranquility. The only sound heard there is that of the Bringhi River, rushing right through its center. Daksum in Kashmir valley is a must for those fond of walking and nature.

TROUT FISHING HATCHERY: The Department have both Trout Hatcheries and Carp Hatcheries in different parts of the State. These Hatcheries are used for breeding and a high quality seed is produced by them. This seed is further distributed to The departmental’s rearing units all over the State and to the private fish farmers. This quality seed is also used for srocking in all the water bodies of the State.

SINTHAN TOP: Sinthan top is a spot 12000 ft above sea level in Kashmir which is midway on the newly opened Anantnag-kokernag-Sinthan-Kishtwar road. The road has been built and is maintained by BRo in excellent condition. It is 132 km from Srinagar.


BOTNICAL GARDEN: The pleasure garden of serene beauty against the backdrop of high and thick pine forests existed earlier on about 0.8 hectares in front of the famous springs of pure, cool mineral water. In 1969 the garden was extended to an area of about 26 hectares and converted into a Botanical Garden besides being a pleasure garden. New lawns have been laid and about one lakh ornamental plants, trees, bushes, roses, as well as flora from the wild niches of higher range has been planted. A separate section comprising of wild flora of the valley is main rained in this garden. Modern effects like rosary, Japanese bridges over the gushing water stream, water ponds, live garden seats, topiary work etc. are points of attraction in the garden.

Kokernag Botanical Garden, commonly referred as ‘The Pleasure Garden’, is located in the center of Bringhi Valley in Kokernag at the elevation of 6627 feet above the sea level. Covering an area of 26 hectares, the garden is about 65 km south of Srinagar and just 10 km south of Anantnag town. Set against the backdrop of thick and dense forest of pine trees, the Botanical Garden of Kokernag reflects a perfect picture of beautiful nature. It is also famous for having a natural spring of pure and cool mineral water in its premise. Sprawling lawn of the garden houses about one lakh ornamental plants including shrubs, trees, bushes, roses and wild floras. The garden has been modernized with some attractive effects like rosary, Japanese bridges over the rippling water stream, live garden seats, topiary works and etc.


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