Son of the Year | Pakistani man gets mom married 23 years after her divorce.


Pakistani man is going viral on social media and the beautiful reason behind it will melt your heart.

The man, who goes by the username @GM491, recently took to Twitter to announce that he is getting his mother, a divorcee, married after 23 years. And Twitter just can’t stop showering all their love over this sweet gesture.

In the tweet, the man revealed that since he is an adult now and is financially stable, he wanted to do this for his mother. He also asked Twitterati to shower their blessings on his mom.

The man tweeted saying, “My mom has been a divorcee for the last 23 years and I am getting her married this Friday as I am an adult and financially stabled. Kindly remember her in your prayers.”

From wishes for both the mother and her son, to people offering their help and celebrating such a beautiful decision.

We don’t know about you, but for us, this man has definitely won the Son of the Year award!


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