‘Sabke bass ki baat nahi jo tumne kiya Abhinandan’: Indian Air Force lauds nation’s hero

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Indian Air Force has joined the country in saluting its brave hero Abhinandan Varthaman, as it posted a poem titled ‘Sabke bass ki baat nahi’ on its Twitter. It took no time for the tweet to go viral.

Post Indian air strikes in Pakistan’s Balakot, Wing Commander Abhinandan entered Pakistan’s territory while trying to prevent intrusion in the Indian airspace. His MiG-21 crashed and he was taken into Pakistan’s custody. He was released after about 60 hours, as a ‘peace gesture’.

The poem ‘sabke bass ki baat nahi’ (not everyone’s cup of tea) is written by Vipin Allahabadi, which highlights the bravery and courage with which Abhinandan did not give in to the pressures and trying circumstances.

The IAF tweet reads as: सबके बस की बात नहीं जो किया तुमने अभिनंदन, वह सबके बस की बात नहीं। आखेटक का किया आखेट, यह सबके बस की बात नहीं।… … जननी, जन्मभूमि का गौरव हो तुम, सर्वोच्च शिखर पर तुम्हें बिठाते हैं। जो तुम कर पाए एक जीवन में, वह सबके बस की बात नहीं। — विपिन ‘इलाहाबादी’. Jai Hind


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