Resigned to protest civilian killings in Kashmir, attacks on special identity of JK: Shah Faesal


Srinagar: Shah Faesal, IAS topper from Kashmir, on Wednesday said he has decided to resign on the grounds of unabated civilian killings in Kashmir and ‘lack of any sincere reach-out from Government of India.

In a message posted on Facebook, Faesal wrote “To protest against the unabated killings in Kashmir, and lack of any sincere reach-out from the Union Government; the marginalization and invisiblization of around 200 million Indian Muslims at the hands of Hindutva forces reducing them to second-class citizens; insidious attacks on the special identity of the J&K State and growing culture of intolerance and hate in the mainland India in the name of hypernationalism, I have decided to resign from Indian Administrative Service.”

The post further reads “I wish to remind the regime of the day that subversion of public institutions like RBI, CBI and NIA has the potential to decimate the Constitutional edifice of this Country and it needs to be stopped. I wish to reiterate that voices of reason in this country cannot be muzzled for long and the environment of siege will need to end if we wish to usher in true democracy.”

Faesal wrote that he will be addressing a press conference on Friday to share his future plans.


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