Prof. Chaman Lal remembers Pt. Dogra on his 47th Death Anniversary

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“Pandit Prem Nath Dogra was a great visionary and nationalist having unflinching faith in the unity of the country and its people”, This was stated by the former union Minister Prof. Chaman Lal Gupta while remembering Pandit Dogra on the day of his 47th death anniversary held on Wednesday (20th March) . He said that there have been no complex problems in Kashmir if any heed was paid to the suggestions and ideas put forth by the great farsighted Dogra.

But unfortunately he was made to suffer jails and other hardships because of personalized ego and greed for power and friendship of Nehru-Sheikh and their enmity towards Maharaja Hari Singh, he added and observed that much of problems in Kashmir are the result of the blunders committed by Shri Nehru and the behavior of Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah which remained an enigma coupled with the machinations of the imperialists.

Prof. Gupta said that the Maharaja of the State had signed the same Instrument of Accession which was signed by over 550 other States of the country but to appease the Sheikh, Shri Nehru managed to incorporate temporary Article 370 in the Indian Constitution which give an intriguing status to the State. This temporary provision still persisted in the statue book even after about seven decades and strangely enough the demand is being made to make it permanent notwithstanding the assurances of Shri Nehru that this temporary measure would whither away with the passage of time.

Prof. Gupta pointed out that because of the great struggle of Pandit ji and supreme sacrifices of the Praja Parishad activists and that of great opposition leader, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherji, certain walls of separatism have been demolished but the root cause still continue to be there.

He said that real tribute to Pt. Dogra would be to carry forward his mission of unity and integrity of the country by frustrating the designs of separatists and semi separatists as also that of forces inimical to India.


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