Privacy Policy

The Dispatch does not ask its users for any personal information. However, we are committed to protecting the privacy, accuracy and reliability of any personally identifiable information the users choose to provide and to safeguarding such information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. We don’t store or even access personal information of followers on any of our social media channels.

Fact-Checking Policy
The Dispatch follows a very strict fact checking policy involving both ante hoc and post hoc verification of content. For some of the specialized content, such as research pieces appearing in ‘Research and Analysis’ section, we often solicit external fact checking by a panel of subject matter experts. While our effort is always to eliminate any potential errors in any form of content through ante hoc fact checking, the post hoc authentication also remains a continuous process. We use set of tools to rule out any possibility of errors while using videos and photographs. The Dispatch staff also keeps on referring any suspicious content, particularly videos, audios and photographs, to external fact checking agencies.

Ethics Policy
At The Dispatch what makes the core of our ethics is responsible journalism and first commitment to our readers and to tell the truth as nearly as possible. Within our management and newsroom staff we follow strict principles of disclosures to avoid any potential conflicts of interest in our reportage. In our opinion sections we offer opportunity to all ideological frameworks and points of view with no discrimination while we keep news and investigation completely free from opinion. Our cultural reporting is based on fundamental principles of respect to all cultures and languages with a particular focus on underreported communities and regions. In the process of chasing news we respect our sources and protect their identities wherever required. All facts and statements are fairly attributed in best interest of the readers. We have no affiliation with any political party or pressure group, whatsoever. We accept no favours and solicit no privileges. We are vitally concerned about the national interests and also the interests of the people at the community and regional level. On national interests we are essentially guided by the constitutional frameworks, the principles of sovereignty, national integrity, security and dignity of the country, and not by limited or interest driven interpretations by political parties or officials of the government. We aim to deliver the facts with precision and we believe in getting not only both sides, but all sides to every story.

Corrections Policy
The Dispatch has a special editorial position engaged in examining the content on suo moto basis as a regular ongoing process. The Readers’ Editor is always quick in responding to any discrepancy pointed out by readers. While coming across any mistake on our own or anything being pointed out by the readers, we try to make immediate correction. Whenever any such correction is made in any headline, article, caption, graphics, video or any other material on the website we ensure to explain the change

Ownership & Funding
The Dispatch, a legally registered entity, takes pride in being one of the few media platforms in India owned by a career journalist. Its founder and Editor, Zafar Choudhary, has made initial personal investment. Subsequent operations are being financed by renting the spaces on our digital properties –Website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram –for advertisements.

Editorial Team
Led by Zafar Choudhary as Editor, The Dispatch staff is a mix of elderly experienced journalists and young tech savvy reporters. We have a fairly descent number of regular columnists and commentators with diverse backgrounds contributing from different parts of the country.