PM Modi hits out at Opposition in Meerut Rally, said “Do We Need ‘Saboot’ Or ‘Sapoot’,”

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Meerut:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi today claimed that he was confident that his government will form government after the April-May elections as people have seen the positive changes in the country since 2014, when his government took charge of the government. “This country has seen many governments that only gave slogans and did nothing. But now, people have seen a government that walks the talk. That delivers what it promises,” PM said while addressing a rally in Meerut.

From Meerut, PM Modi will travel to Jammu and Rudrapur (Uttarakhand), which will go to polls in Phase-1 of the elections on April 11.

PM Modi has not started his campaign since the Election Commission announced the seven-phase general election schedule on March 10. However, he had already addressed either rallies or meetings of party workers, including through video conferences, in 100 constituencies before the poll schedule was announced, the BJP had said.


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