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You know, a picture is often worth a thousand words. Come here and see some of the best stories of life told through pictures

A Train passing through a snow- covered track during fresh snowfall in Qazigund is a treat to eyes.
After 30 years,a CRPF Bunker was removed today in Hari Singh High Street, Lal Chowk Srinagar. See Pics.
Several rounds of gunshots fired by militants to give gun salutes at the funeral procession of a slain Militant Adnan Ahmad lone at Bandina, Pulwama. See Pics.  
These ten pictures explain what all things can happen on a Friday in any part of Kashmir -a congregational prayer, some anger, a protest march, then, may be, a militant shows up and someone is whisked away. Another thing on another day ...
With at least three daily violations at some or the other point along 192 kilometer long stretch, the India-Pakistan border running along Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir is perhaps one of the most difficult in the world
These pictures show dry Chinar leaves charcoal is made in Kashmir. This charcoal is locally known as Punn Tsenei (Chinar Leaf Charcoal). This charcoal is most effective tool to fight winter in kashmir. It is used in Kangris . During October and november you see people burning these leaves...
In the 1990s, when militancy was at its initial stage in Kashmir, the militants would often hide in the woods. The fights with security forces also take place there. Only the dead bodies would come to the civilian areas. The trend changed 2010-11 onward when local youth started becoming...