Peru: Protesters march in streets demanding anti-corruption reforms


Peruviansmarched in the streets demanding anti-corruption reforms to clean up thecountry’s institutions as the head of the judiciary resigned.

Thousands took tothe historic district of the capital Lima.

Protesters said they want a reformof the entire judicial and political system. Peruvian President Martin Vizcarrafired his Justice Minister, Salvador Heresi after a TV station released anaudio of a phone conversation between the Minister and a judge underinvestigation for influence peddling.

Acorruption scandal dogged the previous administration of former President PedroPablo Kuczynski, who stepped down four months ago in a graft scandal involvingBrazilian builder Odebrecht.

Allfour of Peru’s most recent presidents and the main opposition party are underinvestigation over Odebrecht. All deny wrongdoing


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