People of Sangaldan protest against damaged roads


People of Sangaldan Bhat Mohalla, Ramban, protest against Northern Railway and companies like IRCON, & AGE Patel engineering company, as they allege the companies have damaged the roads.

“We are facing immense difficulties since one year and have approached authorities for the solution. We will come out on the roads with our children if the matter is not looked into soon,” warned residents.

A local disclosed, “Railway acquired our lands and we built our homes with the money we got as compensation. Now, our houses have developed cracks because overloaded vehicles, more than 30 tonnes, ply on this road illegally.”


The road has developed large potholes, causing a lot of inconvenience to the locals, especially in rains. The two-wheelers suffer the most, as they have more chances of being hurt in an accident on the potholed road.

“The railway project initiated in Sangaldan is serving us no purpose, but adding to our difficulties. Moreover, the project has damaged the roads earlier built by PWD,” rued a local. He added that Sangaldan to Barala road, a stretch of 4-5 km has been completely damaged by IRCON.

The protesting locals appealed the state administration to repair the road without delay.


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