Pakistan is not irrational

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It is abject falsehood and delusional to describe Pakistan as an irrational adversary. No, it is not irrational and this nomenclature only leaves an escape hatch open for it.
It is very rational and all its tactical moves, including using terror proxies, a la Pulwama, are very carefully calibrated. The cost benefit ratio is calculated mathematically and it sure is a winner every time it goes unpunished.
It is also a falsehood and third rate cowardice to hide behind a phrase like strategic restraint. Retaliation and escalation are twin natural corollaries suppressed in the most unnatural instinctive manner.
Be a sport.
Draw one on one scoreboard.
Scores on one board must be compared number of hits MARKED on the other board. Not having own scoreboard is shutting eyes in the manner of a pigeon when cornered by a wild cat.
The cat’s eyes need to be gauged out.
Hot pursuit is a new normal that needs to be a declared policy. The roof under the cat’s paws must be made red hotÂ đŸ”„.
Equate deep state with the state.
Always and every time in any narrative.
Things are going to change.
One example can show that Pakistan is not irrational. It just suits it to be described in this manner.
On August 27, 2012, six HM (Hizbul Mujahideen) terrorists carried out an attack on Rs 400 crore ongoing Wullar rejuvenation project. Work stopped.
In September 2014, the whole of Kashmir drowned. Why? Partially because Wullar has lost its capacity to handle additional water inflows.
What is the cost benefit ratio for Pakistan?
Calculate the cost to Pakistan.
Calculate the cost to India.
They are laughing!


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