Pak PM accuses India of ‘moral bankruptcy’.

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday assailed what he described as the moral bankruptcy of Indian and Israeli political leadership, accusing the incumbent parties of harbouring ambitions to illegally occupy land in the West Bank and Kashmir in defiance of international laws andtheir own constitutions for votes as both countries head to polls this week.
When leaders in Israel and India show a moral bankruptcy in their readiness to annex occupied West Bank and Kashmir in defiance of international law, United Nations Security Council resolutions, and their own Constitution for votes, don’t their people feel a sense of outrage and wonder how far they [the leaders] will go simply to win an election he asked, according to a report in the Dawn.
Israeli voters will head to the ballot boxes for crucial parliamentary elections that will determine whether longtime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains in power for a fifth term, which would make him Israel’s longest-ever serving leader, surpassing David Ben-Gurion. In the election, Netanyahu faces a stiff challenge from retired military chief Benny Gantz, whose Blue and White party has inched ahead of Netanyahu’s Likud in polls.


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