‘Pak jets flying close to LoC sent back by IAF’


Indian Air Forces (IAF) on Wednesday sent back Pakistani jets, which were seen very close to Line of Control (LoC) in their own territory, along borders in Jammu.As per reliable sources, Indian radars detected Pakistani jets flying close to Line of Control in bordering Rajouri-Poonch districts.

“The incident took place at around 11.30 am, when Indian radars detected a Pakistani jets flying close to LoC, the aggressive Combat Air Patrol (CAP) immediately scrambled in response after which the Pakistani jets retreated further into their territory,” sources said.

“The reaction time for the action is in fraction of milliseconds and air force successfully foiled attempt of Pakistan,” sources said.“For next 15-20 minutes aircrafts of Indian Air Force hovered in skies of bordering Poonch-Rajouri districts and carried out an aggressive Area Domination Patrol,” sources added.

Panic also gripped bordering areas after villagers noticed the flying jets. “We were scared after aggressive movement of aircrafts. We rushed to police for information and got to know that our own jets are on patrol,” said a villager.Meanwhile, Jammu based defence spokesperson said that Pakistan did not violate Indian air space.

This was the second incident on border in less than 48 hours. Earlier on Monday morning radar had detected four Pakistani F-16s flying close to the Indian border in Punjab’s Khemkaran sector.


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