Pak Hindu woman prepares to fight feudal system in upcoming polls.


Sunita Parmar Menghwar, the first Hindu woman to contest the upcoming provincial assembly elections from Tharparkar in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province, has refused to bow down to political pressure.

Sunita, from Hindu Meghwar community, has been facing increasing pressure from the male-dominated feudal landlords in the impoverished Tharparkar district not to contest the elections on July 25.

But breaking barriers, Sunita insisted she wanted to challenge the status quo based on the feudal-electoral system in Tharparkar and has filed her nomination papers as an independent candidate from PS-56.

The 30-year old insisted she is contesting the elections because no political party had done anything to improve the lives and facilities for the people of Thar.

Talking to news agency on Phone she said, Thari women are even ready to fight the lion now after so many disappointments,”

Sindh’s southern bordering district Tharparkar has the highest number of Hindus minorities in Pakistan.

According to census 2017, the total population of Tharparkar district is 1.6 million out of which around half of the population is Hindus.


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