Over two dozen men beat Muslim Family in Gurugram on Holi

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New Delhi: Holi is a festival of colors, as per the Hindu belief system, the festival stands for its significance as an ice breaker between the enemies, and it is said that even enemies shoo away their differences on this day. But as opposed to this understanding, this Holi witnessed a rebuked act of violence, when a family was attacked by a group of miscreants in Gurugram. It is reported that a Muslim family residing in Gurugram area were beaten callously by a mob, with rods and hockey sticks.

Though as per the police, the argument broke out over a game of cricket, but the family says a different story. According to them, the mob planned the attack owing to communal reasons and also that those involved in the crime are backed up by a Hindutva outfit. The police has however, arrested six people in this connection under the charges of attempt to murder, despite that the reports claim that there were around 40 people in the mob who attacked the family.

The video of brutality was shared on social media which shows 10 men repeatedly beating and assaulting family members as inhumanely as possible. Police said the the incident took place around 5 pm. One of the victims narrated the ordeal in his statement, that some drunk men had asked his family members not to play cricket on the street outside their house in Bhup Singh Nagar. But when they continued to play, the men were joined by over 40 youths who then attacked the family. Police took 40 minutes to come to their rescue and by that time the attackers escaped. However, the police is trying to identify the those escaped, with the help of the video.


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