Omar pokes PDP-BJP


In a typical dramatic move, the former chief minister and National Conference (NC) vice-president, Omar Abdullah on Thursday posted a bollywood movie clip on twitter and said that the PDP-BJP alliance crafted their ‘divorce’ the way shown in the video.

Abdullah posted a video clip from an old Bollywood movie in which a character (king) could be heard telling kings of two other states to initiate a hoax war among themselves to arouse patriotism and fool people to stay in power.

Giving example of the video, Omar said this is how they (PDP-BJP) crafted their ‘divorce’.
Omar said that both the parties including PDP and BJP have been watching the bollywood movies for their political strategy, saying that it a brilliant fixed macth, scripted to perfection.

“The PDP & BJP have been watching Bollywood movies for political strategy. This is how they have crafted their “divorce”. Brilliant fixed match, scripted to perfection except the audience aren’t fools & neither are the rest of us,” he tweeted with a smiley in end.


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