North Korea is still making the nuclear material: Mike Pompeo to lawmakers


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has told lawmakers that North Korea is still making the nuclear material. The revelation comes six weeks after US President Donald Trump said the nuclear threat from Pyongyang was over.

Appearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Mr Pompeo said, the US is engaged in patient diplomacy with Pyongyang but it will not let this nuclear negotiation continue indefinitely.

He said he had emphasized this position during productive discussions he had had with Kim Yong Chol, Kim’s powerful right-hand man. The US Secretary of State added that every single nation must maintain enforcement of US sanctions against North Korea.

Mr Trump had met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un last month in Singapore, where the US said Kim had agreed to totally get rid of his nuclear weapons.

In a sign of potential progress, new satellite imagery shows that Kim has started dismantling a facility seen as a testing ground for intercontinental ballistic missiles


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