No trace of Kashmiri student missing from Noida since December 12


Police have been unable to track a 23-year-old Kashmiri student whose location was traced to Ludhiana nearly three weeks ago after he went missing from his rented accommodation in Noida.

Syed Bashid Hasan, a final year student of Bachelors of Business Administration at the Asian Business School, Sector 125, had gone missing on December 12.

His family had filed a complaint with the Noida Police on December 24. On the basis of the complaint, the police had traced the location of Hasan’s mobile phone to Ludhiana in Punjab around 10am on December 13.

“His phone has been switched off ever since he has been missing. We have not been able to trace him beyond Ludhiana. Efforts are on to trace him,” Hansraj Bhadoria, station house officer, Expressway police station, said.

Police officers are currently working on two theories. While questioning his friends, the police said one person had hinted that Bashid had mentioned going outside India for a trip.

“We are checking to see if he bought a ticket to go abroad, but so far his finances have not shown any ticket purchases. Also, we had been told by one of his friends that he had been scolded by his father just a day before he had gone missing. If that is the case, he may have run away because of that. For now, we are working on all the angles,” the SHO said.

Hasan had been living in a paying guest accommodation in Sector 126 since the last two-and-a-half-years. He was last seen in Noida by his cousin on December 12. After a missing person’s complaint in Noida, his family had lodged another complaint, on December 25, at the Aloosa police station in Bandipora district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Hasan’s family members said they are not happy with the delay in tracing him. “It has been about a week since he was traced to Ludhiana. He hasn’t contacted us since and the police have also not been able to trace him,” Ravia Naseer, Bashid’s older sister, said.

She said the family was unaware of Bashid’s intentions of going outside India. “He never mentioned he wanted to go out. The last conversation we and our cousin in Delhi had with him was him telling us that he would visit her for a few days after his exams and then come home, in Kashmir. We knew he was academically weak but that had never been an issue,” Naseer said.

She added that their father, a Jammu and Kashmir police personnel, has been waiting by the phone to hear news about Hasan.


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