Netanyahu visits southern region following Gaza escalation


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today visited a southern town Sderot bordering Gaza that was pummelled with rockets over the weekend from the strip.

Mr Netanyahu’s visit to the town comes a day after an informal cease-fire took hold to end 24 hours of intense fighting with Gaza’s Hamas militants that had threatened to devolve into all-out war. He told community leaders that Israel is engaged in a lengthy battle.

Israel pounded Hamas targets in its most massive bombardment since the 2014 war, while militants fired dozens of rockets toward Israel that halted daily life in the area.

Two Palestinian teenagers were killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza City, while four Israelis were injured from a rocket that landed on a residential home in Sderot. On Saturday, the Israeli military struck several Hamas military compounds and flattened a number of its training camps.

Hamas retaliated with more than 200 rockets and mortars toward Israeli communities.


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