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Nation’s backbone, jammu province in danger, says IkkJutt prez Ankur Sharma

"We are witnessing one of the biggest acts of administrative subversion in recent times said Ankur Sharma and added that nation’s backbone in the strategic region, Jammu province, is in danger," Ankur Sharma

Jammu: “Destruction of Revenue records of encroached Sunjuwan Forests and Chowadi is another indicator of the fact that the Indian State Apparatus has been taken over from within by the subversive Jihadists if not by connivance but surely with the acquiescence of the Govts, both UT & Union; given their flawed policy paradigm on Jammu and Kashmir. Sunjuwan Forests in line with planned & organised Demographic Invasion of Jammu Province include several illegal Muslim Ghettos housing several thousands of settlements raised illegally on Forest lands including centres of radicalisation and indoctrination”. Forest records in Jammu are not only the most critical assets to preserve ecology of Jammu but also critical evidence about how Jammu has been subjected to Jihadist Demographic Assault by state sponsored Muslim capture of its ecologically most sensitive territories” said Ankur Sharma, President IkkJutt Jammu while addressing a press conference today at Jammu.

The destruction of Revenue records of these critical areas under BJP’s watch reveals that the conspiracy to destroy Hindu majority Jammu goes unabated. Given the subversion, state instrumentalities are apparently acting as facilitators in Pakistan’s bigger project of Islamisation of Himalayas & Islamisation of Sanatana, an essential requirement of which is Islamisation of Jammu post Islamisation of Kashmir and which has been planned through a genocidal process of severe Demographic Invasion of Jammu. We are witnessing one of the biggest acts of administrative subversion in recent times said Ankur Sharma and added that nation’s backbone in the strategic region, Jammu province, is in danger. Operating under the smoke screen of a UT Government the Demographic Invaders of Jammu have been working with impunity to destroy evidence that would lead to legal interventions to evacuate the occupied lands,” Ankur Sharma asserted.




Earlier when the news related to destruction of the revenue record broke, President IkkJutt Jammu had tweeted and said, “Jihadists in collaboration with the current secular Govt filed a review petition in December 2020 to stall implementation of the Roshni Judgment; Jihadists recently destroyed entire record of encroached forest areas; Such is the nature of Land Jihad in Jammu”. Roshni Act was declared unconstitutional by the J&K High Court in October, 2020 in a petition filed and contested by Ankur Sharma and according to him, this act was one of the tools and in fact a legislative tool of Islamising Jammu. The J&K High Court had ruled that all State Lands allotted under the Roshni Act have been allotted illegally and these shall be taken back in a time bound manner. Mr. Sharma charged that the statement given by the BJP Govt. in Supreme Court coupled with Review Petition filed against the Roshni judgment in J&K High Court has stalled the implementation of Roshni Judgment thereby jeopardising National interest as well as Security of the nation.



Ankur Sharma further claimed that as soon as BJP Government declared the Delimitation of Legislative Constituencies in J&K on the basis of fudged 2011 Census, it became absolutely clear that erasing of Hindu majority Jammu was being given a new impetus by those very forces within BJP who wanted peace with Pakistan on the basis of Musharraf Formula. BJP High Command in its pursuit of Compromise with Muslim separatists is disempowering and erasing Hindu majority Jammu alike Congress. It is revealing that BJP had committed in writing through its Agenda of Alliance with PDP that their coalition Govt would create a Muslim majority New Jammu. The on going case in High Court is a biggest challenge to this objective and that is why the destruction of Revenue records was allowed so that all evidence of forest capture is destroyed.” Ankur Sharma opined.



Concluding the Press Conference, Ikkjutt Jammu President asserted that “the destruction of the revenue records of Sunjwan and Chowadi and restoration of accommodation for the secretariat employees from Kashmir are a part of deep rooted conspiracies hatched by those within and outside the set up, who have been changing Jammu’s demographic profile, particularly since 1996 to create a Kashmir-like situation in this part of country so that Pakistan is able to grab whole of J&K. A separate Jammu State is the only solution to this civilisational challenge. Kashmir he said should be divided into 2 UTs and one UT should exclusively house victims of Genocide who happen to be Hindus of Kashmir. Others present were Ashwani Sharma, Harish Kapooor, Sanjeev Chib, Rajinder Sharma, Rajinder Singh, Ajay Singh Saini, Deepak, Virender Abrol, Vir Vikram, Manik Jamwal