Mumbai: Navy, Coast Guard deploy choppers to trace four feared drowned


The Navy and the Coast Guard have deployed helicopters to search the four persons, who are feared to have drowned off the Juhu beach yesterday.

A Defence spokesperson in a release informed that one each Navy and Coast Guard Chetak has taken off from INS Shikra, Colaba around 0800 hrs to continue the search and rescue of the missing boys off Juhu. A naval diving team has been carrying out diving operations in the area since morning 0530 hrs.

The release added that the sea condition is very challenging for the diving ops due to strong currents and waves. The divers are using grapnels to avoid being swept by the strong currents. The diving team will be turned around by 0900hrs and continue the operation.

These four people are feared to have drowned off Juhu beach after a group of five ventured into the sea for a swim last evening.


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