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Mixed feelings as fear stricken seasonal workers leave Kashmir Valley

JAMMU: Following fresh incidents of violence targetting non-local labourers, thousands of seasonal workers from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have started fleeing the Kashmir Valley.
The Dispatch spoke to several workers at Jammu railway station who presented mixed feelings about the situation in Kashmir. Five outsiders have been killed in Kashmir in the past couple of weeks.
“I did not eat anything for five days”, said a worker waiting for a train to reach his village in Bihar. Another worker said that they could not reconcile their wages with the contractor as they left in panic. “We have left our bank account number with them to transfer the money to us”, he said.
Some of the workers, however, said that their return is a routine affair as the contract ended with onset of winters. “I had a pre-dated rail ticket as I had to go back on this day in any case.
Back in Kashmir, authorities have moved thousands of workers to the safe locations as terrorists are striking with element of surprise.