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“Mission Shengzhan”: This geopolitical espionage thriller is set against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic

"Mission Shengzhan": This geopolitical espionage thriller is set against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic
Authors Tuhin Sinha and Clark Prasad
"Mission Shengzhan": This geopolitical espionage thriller is set against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • The novel “Mission Shengzhan: India Fights the Dragon” by Tuhin A. Sinha and Clark Prasad is a page-turning politico-medico-espionage thriller that plays out across continents.

  • In the novel, the planet is hit by a pandemic, and China has deep-state plans to dominate the world. The novel’s narrative goes beyond bio-warfare and exposes the deep state across the globe.

  • With India now being the target of the Global Deep State, can the country pull off a coup against the biological Chernobyl and save humanity’s future? Read this riveting suspense thriller to find out.

  • Read an excerpt from the book below.

204 days before The Incident

24 January, 11:35 a.m. CT

Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB)

30 km from Beijing, China


It had been an hour since the call with the medical team in Wuhan. General Deng Jintao sat calmly as he listened to another presentation on the progress of Operation Shèngzhàn.

Shèngzhàn… the holy war.

A uniformed young major was presenting. The first part of the report focussed on the consolidation of power around public, bureaucratic and judicial systems. The objective was to get civilians in positions of power to support General Jintao. The General was planning a military coup in the next twelve months. This entailed placing loyal civilians in key positions to control the flow of funds and get armed forces to manoeuvre on his behalf at different intervals. Critical forces within the armed forces already supported or feared General Jintao. The Premier also supported him, however, he did not know that the General was planning to take him down in the next twelve months.

I will bring back the glory of China. We are the superior race, betrayed by the Western imperials’ powers. Despite the rise of economic stature of our great nation, we have not been able to imprint our thought across the planet. Well, it all changes now … with Operation Shèngzhàn.

The officer was presenting the last section which discussed death sentences. General Jintao leaned forward to see the photos of those marked for death. His brow furrowed as he noticed that someone was missing from the slide.

‘Where is Haomin?’ His voice boomed in the large room.

The young officer waited for a second before answering, ‘Lai Haomin has been arrested, today early morning.’

‘Give him the death sentence.’

‘That has already been arranged with the court.’ He looked down and spoke softly, ‘We allowed him to sin.’

‘Yes, but I did not expect such greed and sin. He oversaw our nation’s asset management company after all. The bribes and the level of fall of morality was not something we expected from him.’

‘Yes, sir. The raid at his residence and offices showed three tons of bribe money.’ Then, he almost whispered, ‘He also had over 50 mistresses and they all lived together in the same street.’

‘Fucking dog! No loyalty to family, no loyalty to the motherland. We do not need such people.’

The young officer gave a subtle nod to his superior.

‘Now, sir, for the second part of our report,’ the Major clicked to the next slide.

‘Yes, go on.’

The second part of the report was centred around India. He spoke about the seeds of discord being planted, some direct and some indirect. It involved ideas like setting up multiple companies that gave loans with no interest rate for the first three months to farmers and lower-middle-class Indians. The catch was that they targeted only those Indians who did not have a way to repay these loans; to clear the old loans, they needed to take more loans and the cycle continued. When they were unable to pay, they were hounded, their land taken away and, in some cases, they were stressed to a point where they would prefer to take their own lives. This was being done in the hinterlands, far away from the cities. It was their way of breaking down the populace from inside.

There were also other plans where certain NGOs were funded, Confucius Laozi institutes opened and narratives shaped via the virtual world. This was done to create a negative impression of the Indian State in the mind of the young Indians. This was a new battlefront of asymmetrical warfare.

Apart from these covert operations, many other projects were being run simultaneously. The Major did not know about all of them. General Jintao was an astute believer of the adage, ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ and kept all the ongoing projects separate from each other; he was the only one who had the full knowledge of the big picture.

As the presentation ended and the Major began to pack up his things, the General pondered over his other plans.

Dr Hakan Terzi is doing the almost impossible task of bringing in the elements of Shamkhalate Gulen group with certain Jama’at Nasr Elisu Gazi personnel. These members will go to India and other South-East Asian countries with the infection. The RanaLLOV-13 or RL-13 infection with this amended strain will spread and create more havoc. All thanks to Dr Terzi.

The Major bowed to the General. The General stood up and walked briskly towards him. He shook his hand and thanked him for his report. The Major was taken aback by the General’s behaviour. He smiled stiffly, saluted him and shuffled out of the room. The conference room was empty now.

The next presentation about our operations in Europe would start in 10 minutes. Ming will keep Qui in London. She is our main asset, a weapon with a strain that should work with the latitude she is in. She will survive, but those Caucasian genetics will face death like no other.

Jintao sat alone as he waited for the next major to enter and present his report. He took out a small red notebook from the right pocket of his uniform. He went to page number 13. The title on the page, Operation Shèngzhàn, was written in thick red marker. He began to read what he had written.

1 Infiltrate the education system to seed doubts against patriotism. ✔

2 Demoralise three generations of children to make them believe their government is evil. Attack the family structure. ✔

3 Cause chaos: riots, large protests and/or incidents to break will.  ✔

4 Create positive narratives for politicians who promise everything but deliver nothing. ✔

5 Politicians slowly take the public’s freedoms and rights away. ✔ (RL-13 measures, lockdown, kill economy, destroy small and medium-sized companies)

6 Normalisation begins. (challenge the US currency – change the trade rules)

7 Democracy begins to fail – Canada, United States, UK, India, Australia, Japan. Others will fall in line.

8 Agents against the State (or freedom-loving people) killed or taken away for ‘normalcy’ to begin. (Operation Trust – psychological operation to identify resistance of independent thinkers).

9 Establishment of a totalitarian State.

The Nazis did it. Stalin did it. We also did it internally, but now, we do it to the world. The US will end and India, with its sizeable population and spirit, will go as well. The Chinese political leadership is in doubt. They know some of these points. But I am the mastermind for the entire picture. And when democracy starts to fall around, I will do a military coup and take over my great China.

The General got a call informing him that the other officer was ready to come in for the presentation. He gave his approval. He closed his notebook and looked at India’s altered map with red flags marking a few states as part of China, including Jammu and Kashmir.

Khaled, my secret weapon, my new spy with contacts inside the PMO, is active and passing along important intelligence. All thanks to Catherine. However, time will tell how useful he actually is. For now, my asset in Jaffarabad is creating the impetus for an environment of protests. Soon, the soulless so-called Twitter ‘celebs’ will tweet out their support as told by their PR. He smiled, thinking about the successes awaiting him.

"Mission Shengzhan": This geopolitical espionage thriller is set against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic

Excerpted with permission from Mission Shengzhan: India Fights the Dragon, Tuhin Sinha and Clark Prasad, Bloomsbury India. Read more about the book here and buy it here.


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"Mission Shengzhan": This geopolitical espionage thriller is set against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic