Meet Sufiya Khan- A Rajasthani woman to run from Kashmir to Kanyakumari for peace

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Sufiya Khan, a ultra runner from Rajasthan is all set for a mission ‘Run for Hope – Hu¬manity-Oneness-Peace-Equality’ from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Sufiya will attempt to run for 100 days during which she will cover a distance of more than 4000 km at an average of 50km per day.

Sufiya will likely start her expedition from 21 April 2019 from Srinagar, Kashmir.
The 33-year-old Sufiya started this initiative with an aim to run for hu¬manity and peace and to spread a message of positivity in India.

“It’s not just for my personal achieve¬ment but the motive is to spread a message of humanity and peace and it is the best way to connect with people of various cultures and region,” Sufiya says while talking to The Ris¬ing Kashmir.

Adding, “We as human beings are losing our values, culture, humanity, brotherhood and most importantly respect for each other and to bring positivity among people of India I initiated this run.”

During the expedition, Sufiya will be running through major cities, vil¬lages besides will interact with peo¬ple of different cultures and region.
“In every major city, local running and cycling groups will accompany me in my journey,” she says.

She says that one can explore the ‘real India’ by running through dif¬ferent places. “I hope this initiative will leave a positive impact on peoples’ mind,” she adds.
Sufiya, who hails from Ajmer, Ra¬jasthan, started her running journey two years back in 2017.

“It’s been two years when I started running to gain fitness. From past ten years I’ve been working in Aviation industry. It was very difficult for me to take care of my health and diet because of weekly rotational working shifts. So I used to run whenever I had free time to keep myself physically fit,” she says.

Eventually Sufiya started taking part in long running events and soon running long distance became her passion.

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“Running gave me the freedom to be myself. It brought a change in my mindset and I felt stronger and more enabled to deal with my life. It became my refuge and my biggest strength so I continued to run.”

In March 2018, Sufiya became the first and fastest female athlete to travel on Great Indian Golden Triangle on foot during which she covers almost 720 Kms in 16 days. With this achieve¬ment, Sufiya’s name was also recorded in India Book of Re¬cords.

“Since that time I never turned back and I continued the thrill of running. I also left my job so as to get enough time to practice,” She said and added, “My parents are very sup¬portive and it is only because of them that I’m able to take part in this ex¬pedition.”
Sufiya says that the new expedition from Kashmir to Kanyakumari will also be recorded in Guinness Book of World Records.

“I will be the first and fastest female runner from India to run from Kash¬mir to Kanyakumari,” she adds.


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