Mali: Death toll from attack at central Fulani village climbs to 134.


In Mali, the death toll from an attack at central Fulani village has climbed to 134. Militants from the Dogon group attacked the village just before dawn yesterday. The militant group have been blamed for scores of attacks over the past year. At least 55 people have been wounded.

The UN mission in Mali said it was working to ensure the wounded were evacuated from the village.United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has strongly condemned the attack. France’s UN Ambassador, Francois Delattre, speaking as UNSC President at a press conference last evening in Bamako said, UN condemns this unspeakable attack in the strongest terms.

Clashes between Dogon militia and semi-nomadic Fulani herders usually take place over access to land and water. The Dogon also accuse Fulanis of ties to terror groups. The Fulanis claim that Mali’s military has armed the militants to attack them.


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