Major Revelation on Pulwama attack: Intel has already warned of a Syria-style car bomber in Kashmir few days ago but no one knew how to stop him

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Srinagar: Recent intelligence inputs about the possibility of a suicide bomber travelling in a car had alarmed security forces, prompting high-level meetings to combat the threat. However, no viable solutions to stop him could be found, security officials told India Today.

Based on certain inputs, ways to combat car bombs were discussed within the forces including the CRPF, said a source.

The Jaish-e-Mohammed attack on Thursday, targeting a CRPF convoy using a car laden with explosives, which killed 42 CRPF jawans in Jammu & Kashmir’s Pulwama district resembles the modus operandi of terror attacks in Syria and Afghanistan.

Sources said cars were being checked, but that clearly was not enough to stop a car bomber.

One solution that was discussed was to run military convoys late in the night since traffic is less and manageable at that time.

Less traffic would have made it easier to check vehicles or halt them till a convoy passed.

This is far more difficult during the day as the number of civilian vehicles is too big to be managed.

At night, Road Opening Parties can use portable lights to light up the area on the side of roads to spot intruders.

This is a rarest of rare attack. In recent times, such attacks had not taken place, said an officer.


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